We are people who got sick of movie critics.  We don't hate critics, because well after all we are critics.  We just feel that critics don't ever appreciate a movie for its intended purpose.  In other words they look into story and development very deeply but most people watch it for the face value.  So we decided to make a site where we let you know what you will most likely think about a movie.  Do we criticize movies?  Yes but do we analyze a fun action-shooter so deeply that you don't see a good movie because the critics said it was bad? No! We promise to give you good reviews and let you know what you can really expect from a movie.  We have five ratings that we use to sum up a movie's worth(we also think stars don't tell you a lot) and they are: Forget inflation see it;  Go with a date;  If the weekend gets slow go; wait for the dvd; and finally only if your parents make you.  I sincerly hope our reviews help you.  If you have any questions, comments, or ideas visit our forums.   Also we are looking for a few people to help write reviews so if you are interested contact Spartan at sickofthecritics@comcast.net send your name(only first is fine), your favorite type of movie and a short critique of a recent movie(1-2 paragraphs of what you thought no synopsis)
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