The Dark Knight


First thoughts…

            Batman!  Finally we have a batman that is geared for the older audience.  Also as with most people I couldn’t wait to see Heath Ledger in his second to last film.  This movie will keep you watching the entire time.


What Happens…

            We enter a rebuilding Gotham.  Right now Batman is busy as ever and Gotham has a new hero, Harvey Dent.  According to Bruce (Christian Bale) Harvey is what the city needs, he calls him “A hero with a face”.  As you can imagine this new wave of justice isn’t going over to well with Gotham’s underground.  Enter The Joker (Ledger), we start off thinking the Joker is crazy but we realize that he is a full blown psycho.  He tells the crime families that the only hope they have is to kill Batman.  The criminals argue about the idea but eventually agree to pay the Joker.  Now as much as I hate to cut a good thing short I really can’t tell you much more without ruining the movie for you, so I have to end this synopsis now.  However I can tell you that the rest of the movie is the attempts of The Joker to kill Batman.


What I thought about…


The acting.

                I really enjoyed the acting in this movie.  I think that their was only a little bit of room for change in the cast.  First of all Ledger was awesome he sent chills down my spine and truly made me think twice before going to bed.  Now most of the critics are raving about Ledger so we are going to focus on the other stars of the movie.  Lets start with Christian Bale, said that the role of Batman “Fits him (Bale) like a glove”  I completely agree.  Next we have Gary Oldman who plays Jim Gordon.  He is beautifully cast in this role.  My final favorite was Aaron Eckhart as visionary D.A. Harvey Dent.  Once he and Batman team up the bad guys in Gotham don’t have a chance.  This role, along with that of the Joker, was really hard to pull off.  Not only did he have to be Harvey Dent, he had to all of a sudden switch to the psycho known as Two Face.  Eckhart nails this role.  Finally the one person that I think should have been replaced Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes.  I really didn’t like her in this role.  I’m just going to come out and say that I don’t think she is as attractive as Katie Holmes nor do I think she is as beautiful is they call her in the film.  She could have easily been replaced.  The supporting actors really made the movie as well.  Both Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman are just as good as they were in the first one.


The direction.

            Chris Nolan has done it again.  The camera angles and fight scenes really captivated me and every one of the other eight people I was with.  Not much else I have to say about the direction.


What the critics said.

            Well I hate to go against the principle of my site but I pretty much agree with most of the critics on this one.  A Wall Street Journal reviewer said “Christopher Nolan's latest exploration of the Batman mythology steeps its muddled plot in so much murk that the Joker's maniacal nihilism comes to seem like a recurrent grace note.” I don’t agree, most people should be able to follow the plot.  I saw it at 12:30 am and was able to follow it so the average person should have no trouble watching the movie.  That’s the only bad review I found so I don’t have anything else for this section.


Bottom Line…


Forget inflation

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